The new has been designed for you!

The world is in constant evolution and, in recent years, the speed of change has led us to have an amazing rhythm of life. We are exposed there is so much information simultaneously that we do not have time to filter what we really care about. Just looking at what we like or what we want is an arduous task because we are bombarded with irrelevant content and are able to hide themes that really interest us.


Thinking about it, the R2ride (which also does not stop evolving) presents to you, lover of the universe of classic and customized bikes, a new concept of our business. Calm! We do not stop being the reference in vintage style helmets, okay? We are just focused on helping you to have content and products relevant to everything that refers to the style of classic motorcycles and motorcycles. Fashion, the lifestyle, especially motorcycles.


Over the years we have acquired an experience that can help you find and stay connected only to what only interests you: Beautiful products with quality and fair price within the universe and classic or retro style, as you wish ...


Take advantage of our tips and enjoy a page that is not just another store, but rather represents and filters for you everything that is relevant in the lifestyle of classic motorcyclists.


Welcome to the new magazine